Welcome and Happy Inspiration

I have often attempted to blog and journal but nothing has resonated or stayed with me very long. About a year ago, as a wedding present to myself, I bought a DLSR camera, wanting something nice to capture our honeymoon in Japan. Now, it being a year later, I find myself obsessed with taking pictures. The camera is my muse. So welcome to Junipers and Jam! A place for me to share what I capture through the camera lens.

This isn’t a place of planned posts or crazy great advice, but just a place for me to share what I have experienced. I can guarantee that it will be all over the map. From food to flowers and animals to architecture. If it catches my eye, I hope it will make it up on the website.

My intention is to inspire. So sit down, have a gin and tonic, snack on some bread & jam and enjoy.